Boardwalk Special

"Boardwalk Special". There is one race event left in the 2017 FRP F1600 Championship. NJMP on Oct 6-8. There will be three hours of track time including three 30 min races. Rice Race Prep have two race-winning cars available for this event with complete support. We are offering a "Boardwalk Special" for any 2017 MRTI or F4 driver who would like to sample F1600 racing at a FRP event. Essentially, a half price package will be available to qualified racers. The driver will still be responsible for all damages. If, a car is still available after the completion of the SCCA Runoffs, the boardwalk special will extend to 2017 National Champions in the Formula classes, and then to podium finishers. Update: I have one seat spoken for. 3 National Champions have conflicts. Offer now extended to podium finishers and beyond. Need to confirm the 2nd driver soon as leaving Wednesday. Please forward to potential candidates. Contact Greg Rice at
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